7 reasons why Tom Hiddleston should be the next Bond

The British star Daniel Craig made his debuted appearance about a decade back in the blockbuster film Casino Royale. He portrayed the character of an iconic British spy in four movies including the latest film Spectre. After the huge success of Skyfall, the actor was signed for two more films (Bond 24 & 25), but ever since Craig told to ‘The Magazine’ during an interview that “I will break this glass and slash my wrists “(then do another James Bond movie) potential successors names have been rumoring to replace him for iconic spy role, among them one actor is getting a buzz for the part is Tom Hiddleston and rightly so. He has everything from gritty look to British accent and secret agent touch, if you aren’t convinced yet then here are the reasons why Tom Should be the next Bond.. James Bond.

1. The Night Manager proves Tom Hiddleston should be the next 007

The fans of Tom Hiddleston launched an online campaign for the actor to become the next James Bond after his remarkable performance as the secret agent in the BBC Television series The Night Manager. After watching the TV series the fans believes that he has the right charm, appeal, physical appearance, charisma that makes him deserving and credible for the role.


2. Meeting with 007 director Sam Mendes

Tom Hiddleston has denied a couple of that he doesn’t think he’ll get a chance to play Ian Fleming’s spy, but yet takes one step closer to 007 as he spotted rubbing shoulders with Sam Mendes, the director of Skyfall & Spectre, at London. There are also speculations that he met with the 007 producer Barbara Broccoli which is a huge sign that he is inching close to become the next James Bond.

3. Gamblers bet on Tom Hiddleston

The bookies have suspended betting on who will be the next James Bond after the huge bet was placed on Tom Hiddleston, a flurry of bets tipped the star to replace Daniel Craig and making Tom 2-1 favorite after he was seen meeting with the Sam Mendes.

4. Perfect age to take the role

Hiddleston is 34 years old, the perfect age to take the role of British suave spy. Daniel Craig was considered for the role when he was 36, so it might be the right time to introduce Tom in the 007 franchise as Craig already said in his interview that “he wants to move on” Daniel also admitted if he did return as 007 it would be only for money, nothing else.

5. Tom will be free after Thor and Avengers.

Ienhanced-10834-1463474844-11t’s too unlikely that the actor will skip the character of Supervillain which is going to play a key role in Marvel’s phase 3 movies including Thor and The Avengers: Infinity War (Part I), but after that Tom will be a free agent and can focus on everyone’s favorite secret agent.

6. They are physically similar

Believe or not, Tom Hiddleston also has a resembling physical appearance to the previous Bond. He bears the suaveness of Brosnan and rugged charm that makes Craig look brutal and prototypical 007. We have also seen him looking dapper in a tuxedo (Bond’s signature look) at the Red carpet, and elegant suits in the BBC TV series Night Manager.


7. Audience loves him

There is no doubt that the fans have been enamored with the Tom Hiddleston since his first major on-screen performance as Loki in Marvel’s Thor (2011).

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  1. fcspain says:

    Tom Hiddleston would be lovely as 007. Did marvelously in ‘The Night Manager ‘.


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