Ian Fleming must be a ‘SIR’


My name is Luis, I am 17 years old boy and I am writing from Spain. Every summer I travel to the UK to improve my English.
I am a big fan of 007, proof of this is that last August I published my first book of the character in paperback version and electronic book through Amazon called James Bond: detrás del smoking. Thanks to Sony Pictures Spain I was able to attend the Premiere of Spectre in Madrid with director Sam Mendes and the actress Monica Bellucci.
As you can imagine I spend all day reading the news and researching about James Bond and his world, including unknown Ian Fleming (I say unknown because I think his character is much more famous than him).
In one of these investigations I could see that Mr. Fleming does not have the title of the Order of the British Empire, he is not an official ‘Sir’. This is the reason of my letter: I think Ian Fleming, (born in 1908 in London and who died in 1964 in Canterbury) has been an important person for the United Kingdom and to whom we owe hours of entertainment with his novels and films using them as reference.

Evidence of the importance of Fleming in UK is that in the Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony a fragment of his children’s story Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1964) was represented and was the Agent 007 who escorted Her Majesty the Queen to the Olympic Stadium.

Fleming was also a soldier during World War II and fought for his wonderful nation in Operation Ruthless to capture the Enigma coding machine, used in communications by the German navy and decoded by Alan Turing.

2016 marks the 108th birthday of the English writer, journalist and soldier, concretely on Saturday 28 May, for this reason I think it is time (the year) to consider giving a posthumous title of the Order of the British Empire and consequently the appellation of SIR as has Pierce Brosnan (still being Irish), Sean Connery or Roger Moore and others including Judi Dench or Adele with the title of Dame.

I am sure I speak on behalf of the writer’s entire fan community if I say we would be enormously proud if such an honour be bestowed on him.

You can sign a pettion on Change.org clicking HERE!

Luis Abbou Planisi.

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