Sam Mendes: time for another director

Sam Mendes says goodbye to 007 and speaks of ¿the new Bond?…

As he did after Skyfall, Sam Mendes announced he will not return.

It is assumed that this time is more probably, after two Bonds, he declare that «I am a storyteller and I want to tell new stories with new characters. No more Bond

«I also believe that there are directors who can do the job as well as I do. And as I did in Skyfall, he (or she) should be an innovative director with the films.»

«t was an incredible adventure, I enjoyed every second. It was a privilege, but I think it’s time that somebody else does a great job»

Regarding rumors about the replacement of Daniel Craig, Mendes said: «There is a constant discussion about who will be the new Bond. The truth is this: This is not a democracy. This is not Factor X or the referendum of the European Union, is not a public vote. Barbara Broccoli choose the next Bond. End of the problem »

«If this was not like that, we would not have Daniel Craig because she had not the support of the fans but Barbara said this guy [Daniel Craig] is going to change everything, he is the new 007»

«I can assure you that will not be the person we expect. For this reason Barbara is an incredible person»

With Mendes it is very likely that the composer Thomas Newman leave the saga.



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