Purity with Daniel Craig and more news

As we had already announced a few months ago, Daniel Craig will participate in the television adaptation of the novel by Jonathan Franzen Purity.

Finally, TV channel Showtime has ordered 20 episodes that will in air in two years. Produced by Scott Rudin and Todd Field (who will also be the director and co-writer) will begin filming in 2017.

At this news it has also joined the announcement that Craig could appear in Logan Lucky with Katherine Heigl, who is the new Steven Soderbergh film that will shoot this fall.

This has triggered many rumors about the alleged goodbye to Daniel Craig Bond series.

Susanne Bier with her Oscar (2010)

Another speculation: there are also many names of directors who aspire to take over from Sam Mendes. One of the latest to join the list is the Danish Susanne Bier, who directed The night manager and was multi-awarded by Hævnen (or In a better world) in 2010





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