How ‘Skyfall’ lost millions

Nonsense stories, Hollywood is full. And millions lost even more. But when one of those stories has to do with the saga of James Bond, one is more interesting. And, if the story tells how the filming of Skyfall needed a few million extra budget, plus an unspecified time in post-production, because Daniel Craig had bought new gloves, then there tasty singing legend. Details below. You can watch the video on our YouTube channel.

But you want to see the wonderful video, we will summarize for you: it turns out that Craig and director Sam Mendes felt very pressured while they were filming the 23rd adventure of 007. Everyone has their own ways to relieve stress, and Craig was, apparently, to go shopping and so nourish his wardrobe with stylish clothes. Nothing wrong with that: an agent with license to kill must always be well dressed. The problem began when the actor  bought some nice leather gloves bought. The next day, he appeared on the set, showing them to Mendes and saying, «I am sure that Bond would suit very well».

Unfortunately, the director was agree with Craig. Three months later, when the filmmaker is in the assembly process, he realized one thing: during the famous fight scene in Macaumaxresdefaultcasino, one of the minions of evil Javier Bardem tries to use the gun James Bond… but he can not, because the weapon carries a security system designed by Q (Ben Whishaw) that crashes if not detected fingerprints of 007. So how is it possible that the su
per agent goes around firing that weapon, if it takes gloves? Thus, the producers where thinking how well it will happen hunters fans young rabbits. The cost of rolling back the scenes is absolutely high, and the solution less expensive (but still, million dollar) is calling artists CGI to replace gloved hands of Daniel Craig by others without gloves. And all for a finding of leaving interpreter stores.

Now this story has been questioned for a couple of reasons. The first: although Daniel Craig likes to look himself clothing for the filming, no costume director in his right mind would accept an actor carry leather gloves with a smoking. Second reason: the shooting scene in Shanghai (the only one, in fact, where we see Bond using the gun discord) Daniel Sin títuloCraig wears gloves. In fact, there is a moment in which 007 removes to touch the gun with bare hands, and so activate it. The versions are not excluded altogether: Mendes could have detected the rabbit at the last minute and have needed some reshoots for the cuadrasen scenes, which would have come to Skyfall for good money. This story is likely to stay forever in a nebulous ground, but what of the Bond saga without legends and classified information?


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