Review of ‘Anderson & Low: On the set of James Bond’s Spectre’

British photographers Jonathan Anderson and Edwin Low have created a highly original art project based on the brilliant artifice of the ‘spectrecular’ sets from the latest James Bond movie, Spectre. The artist duo highlights a head-on collision of fantasy and reality by photographing the sets with extraordinary detail.
Through a poetic and painterly eye, the beautifully designed and magnificently photographed images bring to life these detailed and massive tableaux, creating a poetry and narrative fantasy that mirrors the movie. With a foreword by Spectre director Sam Mendes, this book represents a unique study in movie-making and constructed narrative in photography.

First of all, you can see the unboxing of the book on our YouTube channel.

The introduction of Mendes is also just perfect, I like when he says «welcome to this world where fantasy and reality collide. I hope now that you might visit these places in your dreams» Who has not dreamed of sleep in the room of L’Americain, visit the office of M at the MI6 or attend the meeting of SPECTRE at the Roman Palazzo? I have done!

After Sam, we have the honor to read Scott Bukatman (cultural theorist and Professor of Film and Media Studies at Stanford) who introduces us to what we can see in the great book.

Spectre, like Skyfall, is a stately film and this book is also stately (like all made by Anderson & Low). James Bond films allows us to carry us to many different places such as the space, the desert, exotic islands and beaches… and Edwin and Jonathan take us to Spectre spaces through the photos of this book.

In Spectre, Bond travels to all points of the world and there are many places that appear in the book: the opulent and classicist set of the Roman Palazzo; the modern building of CNE headquarters that actually is the City Hall of London designed by Norman Foster; the ‘Palace of the Technology ‘of Oberhauser where, I suppose, the space is silent, anonymous and efficient with hundreds of minions (not yellow here) working.

Some of this pics represent all the world of James Bond with details and one of this world is the Q’s workshop with cars and weapons.

There are also more gloomy places like the ruined building after the explosion caused by Silva in Skyfall of the MI6 on the banks of the River Thames; another ruined building is in Mexico, in the opening sequence; Westminster Bridge was built at Pinewood Studios in England and it is one of the most impressive and important sets of the film, they also recorded in the real bridge in the heart of London.

On the set of James Bond is, in conclusion, a wonderful book that should have any fan of 007 to know the smallest detail of the latest James Bond movie, Spectre.

Moreover, the photographs in this book are not strange to us, we have seen those places and objects before, there is a spectre in all sets being chased by SPECTRE.

I can say that Anderson and Low have done a great job, CONGRATULATIONS for it!

Buy it if you are from United Kingdom or Europe clicking here.

But it if your are from America  clicking here.

If you go there James, you will cross over into a place where there is no mercy…

                                                                 -Lucia Sciarra



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  1. Juana says:

    Wow! Amazing review!!!! I will but it. The unboxing its so cool!

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