Chris Hemsworth leaving ‘Thor’ to become Bond?

Another James Bond rumor has surfaced the world of web after a professional stuntman endorsed Chris Hemsworth. Rumor has it that the Thor actor might leave the franchise to become the next 007.
A list of names has been recently speculated to star the Bond film and to get the role of the British secret agent. Tom Hiddleston and co-star Idris Elba have been named to play the role although there has been no confirmation yet. Adding to the group, professional stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton endorsed Hemsworth as his bet for 007 agent role.
According to, Hanton backed up Hemsworth to be the next Bond over Hiddleston. The 007’s stunt double labelled the Australian actor “head and shoulders” above the rivals. He also said that the actor is “in a league of his own.”

If ever he bagged the title, he would be the second Aussie cast for the role, after George Lazenby in 1969. Furthermore, the award-winning stunt coordinator explained that he is currently in the middle of shooting Thor: Ragnarok with Hemsworth, Hiddleston and Elba.

As known, Bobby Holland Hanton appeared in theThor-Stuntman three Bond films as a double for Daniel Craig. Among the three Thor stars, he favors Chris Hemsworth for the character. He said that te star would be perfect, and he then assured that he is not biased in any way.

Hanton went on to say that Hemsworth has a remarkable English accent as seen in his performance in Rush. The actor also got the perfect physical shape, although Hiddleston also trained and worked hard in his own gym. However, Hanton said that Hemsworth has it all when it comes to physique.

It has been previously reported that Daniel Craig will leave the Bond franchise after his success in the fourth film Spectre. So when Hemsworth was asked about the prospect role, he said that he does not know anyone who would “not jump on that.”

Although the franchise’s bosses wanted Craig back on the franchise, he eventually opted to focus on new ventures. He said in an interview that “he is done and all he wanted to do is move on.”

Moreover, the 31-year-old stuntman admitted that if he got the chance to work in another Bond film, he would want Hemsworth to be the lead actor. He said that the star made his job easier because he is athletic and he loves to do his own stunts.

Meanwhile, UPROXX reported that the filming for the next series is still on hold. It has been suggested that producer Barbara Broccoli is focusing on other movies and she wants Daniel Craig back. It has been teased as well that there is still no distributor yet who will handle the film.

Chris Hemsworth as James Bond remains a speculation. But according to rumors, its has already stirred some on the set of Thor. Neither has Hemsworth confirmed the issue that he is leaving the superhero franchise.

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