Double or nothing: meet stuntman Bobby Holland

Bobby Holland HantonBehind every action hero is a world-class stuntman. Bobby Holland Hanton made the leap from gymnastics and trick-diving to movies, and now he does whatever the stars can’t.
Call him 007 or Thor or Batman or Green Lantern… . When Daniel Craig’s life and limbs can’t be risked in a potentially dangerous scene, Bobby Holland Hanton wears the tuxedo and takes the leap.

Hanton, 31, has only been a stuntman since 2008, when he debuted on the previous Bond film Quantum of Solace as James Bond. Since then, he has appeared in more than 35 films, including the latest Bond installment, Spectre and Skyfall.

You’d be forgiven for not recognizing him, but don’t underestimate him. The former gymnast, trick-diver, and semi-pro soccer player brings unparalleled athleticism and discipline to his craft, allowing him to learn new skills and transform his body on demand.

The World of James Bond had the opportunity to speak with Bobby, and this in the result of that interview,  for your eyes only:

How the possibility to be the stunt double of Daniel Craig comes to you? What you thought?

I had a call from stunt coordinator Gary Powell when I was 23 for an audition I went in to the studios for 4 auditions and got the job, it was a dream come true, such a great job to start with.

You are the stunt double of Chis Hemsworth and Daniel Craig, Thor and 007. In which way the characters are different for you?
I was stunt double for Bond on Quantum of Solace, since then I have been stunt double for Green Lantern, Batman, Captain America and Thor (including many others) Bobby as Thorand all those characters are so so different, so you really have to adapt to each one accordingly.
Chris Hemsworth is the favourite for a lot of people to be the next 007, what do you
think about it?
I think he would be a great Bond. He has the whole package and I think he would do an incredible job!
You had been in three Bond films (Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre), which one was the most difficult for you? Why?
I have done 3 Bond movies yeah! Quantum of Solace was the hardest for me for many reasons!! Being my first job, the stunts for the first time, everything was new, learning fast.
Do you have any relationships with the actors and actress?
Yeah, I have been lucky to work with some great actors and Quantum_Of_Solace_roof_chase.gifactresses so far in my career. Chris Hemsworth is a very close friend of mine now and takes me all over the world which is amazing we have a great time, Channing Tatum was great to work with as well really good guy and funny as hell as is Hemsworth.
Thank you very much Bobby, talk with you was amazing.
Follow the best stuntman in Facebook, Instagram,  Twitter and Youtube. Also, you can visit his website for more information.

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