Mexico City. Day of the Dead


The opening scene of the movie Spectre shows James Bond chasing a bad guy through a Day of the Dead in Mexico City – except there has never been such a procession like that before. But cinema is about to imitate art.

Inspired by the film, officials decided to hold a similar parade on Nov 1 that will start at the Angel of Independence monument and end at the historic Zocalo square.

The procession will have hundreds of volunteers and will «revisit the props and the wardrobe of the well-known film Spectre», the city government said in a statement on Thursday.

In the film, the British spy played by Daniel Craig goes after a bad guy through a parade featuring giant skeletons floating among people dancing with their faces painted as skulls.
The parade didn’t exist in real life, said Tourism Minister Enrique de la Madrid. «Now, based on the film, there will be this huge festival»
The procession will be part of a series of events that will run through 1-2 November in the capital. Also costumes and figures from the film will be used at the festival.

The Day of the Dead takes place between November 1-2 every year, when Mexicans visit cemeteries to pay respects to their late relatives, bringing them food and drinks in a centuries-old tradition mixing pre-Hispanic and Catholic beliefs.


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