Gemita Samarra, the action girl

Born on 12 May 1993 of Spanish and British descent, Gemita has a strong background in horses riding and swimming. She won numerous competitions and has also competed internationally in show jumping and eventing in the UK and around Europe.gemita_samarra__f0fdb5_994491_10152407014621902_5045057863137288858_n

Gemita’s parents; Alejandro Samarra (from  Tarragona) and Diane Samarra (from London) have influenced Gemita’s lifestyle: both her parents worked in the circus in Spain, her Mother as a professional  trapeze artist & animal handler and her Father a performer, stage-hand & lighting technician. This daredevil blood has definitely been passed down to Gemita and older brother who introduced Gemita to extreme sports from an early age.

Gemita started modelling in 2008, first being scouted in Bristol for a hair modelling shoot. Along side training and competing with the horses and swimming daily, Gemita was also working hard with the modelling, building up a stronger portfolio, Gemita then signed to Europe’s leading Sports modelling agency;  W Model Management. It was through modelling Gemita was discovered for her first underwater job, for Sky Living TV series Bedlam, where they were originally looking for a synchronised swimmer that could act comfortably in the water. This role suited Gemita perfectly as it was here, after speaking to the stunt co-ordinators she decided to dedicate her life to stunt work and getting on the UK’s Stunt register.

Since Bedlam (2011 Fraser Macdonald) Gemita has worked on many big productions such as Rush (2013 Ron Howard), Fast and Furious 6 (2013 Justin Lin) and most recently Spectre (2016 Sam Mendes) as Mrs. Swann, the stunt double of Léa Seydoux (and yes, as you can guess for that film she is with us today!) and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016 Tim Burton) with Dame Judi Dench. She has also done many underwater shoots since Bedlam, such as The Siren– a multi award winning 3D art installation by Laura Jean Healy, the first ever high definition life size hologram.

Today Gemita is with THE WOLRD OF JAMES BOND because she will tell us some facts about Spectre… are you ready for the action?

1. How the possibility to be the stunt double of Léa comes to you? What you thought?

It was by chance: I was in Pinewood studios for another project and happened to meet the assistant stunt co-ordinator for Spectre! He took some pictures of me and I had a few days worth of meetings and stunt auditions.
It took me months to realise the scale of what I was working on. It was such a privilege to work on such a large film and with such an amazing team supporting me.
It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

2. What was the most difficult thing of Spectre for you as stuntwoman?
All the stunts I had to do on Spectre were relatively easy stunts for the ‘stunt world’, especially compared to the long fight scenes and other stunts the Bond doubles and other performers had to do, but for me it was more so trying to keep up with some of the best stunt performers and riggers in the world.
It’s Bond, they’re going to hire the best of the best, and it was my job to try and learn as much as possible from these guys.

3. Do you have any relationships with the actors and actress? How is Léa?
In stunts, you usually work quite closely with the actor/actress as they will have to come to ‘stunt training’. This can involve anything from basic fitness training to full on fight scenes or teaching them how to ride a horse or use a gun.

Léa doesn’t come from an adrenaline junky background, so stunt training, especially fight training and wire work, was all very new to her. She did a fantastic job and I had a really great time working with her and seeing her improve throughout filming and rehearsals. Since Spectre I’ve had the pleasure of working with Léa for all her latest projects and we have become good friends.

4. Can you share any special anecdote about the film, please?
Probably that time I got kicked in the face repeatedly with a table by WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.) star and Bond villain Dave Bautista!

Thank you Gemita for your kindness with us and also to W Model Management, the agency of Samarra.

Also, you can check the latest updates of Gemita in her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and her website.

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