Premiere: Tomorrow Never Dies

Judi with her birthday cake, 9th Dec is her birthday!

The World Charity Premiere for Tomorrow Never Dies took place on Tuesday 9th December 1997 at The Odeon, Leicester Square but remarkably was not attended by any member of the Royal family – the first time since the debut of The Spy Who Loved Me in 1977. The after premiere party was held at Bedford Square, home of Jonathan Cape, author Ian Fleming’s original publisher who released first editions of Casino Royale through Octopussy & The Living Daylights. The stars of the film were in attendance as well as theme song vocalist Sheryl Crow and other production personnel.

Judi Dench and her husband

Tomorrow Never Dies scooped in excess of $331 million throughout all box office territories. The film was later rated by Variety as the 19th highest earner in North America. Rex Weiner of Variety was quoted to say of the 18th Bond film: “Bond must beat the boat and save the lion.”

Mexico’s Premiere was attended by a playful Pierce Brosnan who posed in front of posters outside the theatre on Thursday, Jan. 8, 1998. The city of Toronto in Canada, enjoyed the longest box office run of any of the Bond films, it ran daily from December 19th, 1997 to June 5th, 1998.

Hong Kong opening week box office
Tomorrow Never Dies: $1,389,448 million.
The Replacement Killers: $1,284,623 million.
Who Am I ?: $1,099,336 million.
The Lucky Guy: $906,556 million.
Titanic : $611,860

The new 007 set opening records for the Bond franchise in Greece ($336,000), Poland ($173,000) and Yugoslavia ($72,000). The big earners are the U.K.’s $27.9 million, Germany’s $26.2 million, France’s $20.2 million and Australia and Spain, both at $6.4 million.

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