Pierce Brosnan wants Craig to return as James Bond

Pierce Brosnan has said that he wants Daniel Craig to continue playing James Bond in the secret agent film franchise.

Craig is rumoured to be giving up the coveted role, having starred as Bond in four films – the most recent being 2015’s Spectre. He famously said in 2015 that he’d «rather slash my own wrists if I do two films at the same time».

Brosnan, the actor who Craig succeeded as Bond in 2005, has urged the 48-year-old to continue in the role, however. Speaking at the European Film Awards on Saturday (December 10), Brosnan said: «I’d love to see Daniel Craig go again. He definitely should make another one. He’s a magnificent, dynamic Bond who came onto the stage at a time when it really needed invigorating, and he did that brilliantly.»

Despite reports to the contrary, Craig appears to be warming to the idea of playing Bond again – in October, he said at an ‘in conversation’ event in New York that «it’s a good gig. I enjoy it.»4ea80e89fa5f37f78b0fe1f8cee600e8

With Craig’s future involvement in the Bond franchise still up for debate, the 26th film in the series has yet to be officially announced. Callum McDougall, executive producer, told Radio 4’s Today show in October that Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson remain positive that they will be able to persuade Craig to appear in another film.

«He is absolutely the first choice,» McDougall said. «I know they’re hoping for him to come back.» Asked who would replace Craig if the actor decided against returning as 007, the executive replied: «I wish I knew

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