Craig & Omaze

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Daniel Craig is having a great birthday.The actor, now 49, spent the entire afternoon with puppies. But the canine cuddle time wasn’t just for his pleasure: these pups are part of a big announcement.

Craig is partnering with the online giving platform Omaze in support of the United Nations Mine Action Service — a coordinated response to the landmines and explosives left behind by war.

As part of this partnership, Craig — or Mr. Bond, James Bond — is offering one lucky fan and his or her guest the opportunity to hang out with him for a day and design a customized Aston Martin car. Even better, the fan gets to keep the creation. All Craig-heads have to do to enter for a chance to win is donate as little as $10.

So enjoy these puppies and Daniel Craig frolicking together, then head over to Omaze to make your donation and win a chance to have you own personal time with Craig.


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