007 new game

Telltale Games may well be working on a James Bond game. Since its foundation in 2004, the San Rafael, CA based company has become a powerhouse in the gaming industry when it comes to producing compelling point-and-click adventure titles based on popular intellectual properties – notably including original titles based on such mainstream franchises as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

Centering around a production and distribution platform that focuses on episodic storytelling with individual installments released sequentially over a period of several months, Telltale has managed to develop more than a few best-selling games over the course of its ten-plus years in the business. Following its adaptations of two prominent comic book properties – namely Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy – it seems that Telltale Games may now be developing a game based on another seasoned pop cultural commodity.

Based on an unconfirmed screen grab from an online forum posted to Twitter, it would appear that Telltale is working on a Jame Bond game called Solstice – in addition to second seasons for Minecraft and Tales from the Borderlands. And given the fact that E3 2017 is on the way later next week (June 13-15), fans of the independent studio’s past point-and-click adventure titles may be getting an official announcement concerning the matter, very soon. The idea of portraying 007 in an original Telltale video game is definitely an intriguing one. With any luck, Solstice could be a game rife with moral and intellectual quandaries left open to personal interpretation and individual play-style – as has been the case with past productions from the critically acclaimed studio. James Bond has long been a popular character of and within pop culture, and as such the chance of a Telltale series based around the seminal literary figure would be one that more than a few gamers and moviegoers would be eager to see come to fruition.

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