Get back in shape with Daniel Craig’s workout plan

Now Daniel Craig appears to be locked in for a fifth go-round as the world’s most famous superspy, one of the premier reasons Craig succeeded as 007 was his physicality.

A rough-and-ready action hero Bond with a body to match, Craig exploded onto the scene in Casino Royale, the massively successful 2006 franchise reboot that introduced Daniel Craig as MI6’s secret service agent. Craig got into incredible shape for the role, packing on functional muscle to allow him to do as many of his own stunts as possible and therefore make Bond, for the first time, actually look as if he could take the punishment that’s metered out to him, a few days ago we saw some pictures of Daniel Craig going to the gym in New York City.

Who? Craig turned to strength and conditioning coach Simon Waterson to put him through his paces for both movies. The following workout is based on his training programme for Casino Royale.

How? Craig trained for 45 minutes a day Monday to Friday and had an “active rest” weekend – no training but fitted it a swim and some stretching.

Why? Craig’s toned physique emerging from the sea in his blue Speedos had him topping various World’s Sexiest Male polls. Need we say more?

Start the week with a full-body power circuit and perform 3 circuits of 10 reps. For the rest of the week perform 4 sets of 10 reps. End every session with 5 minutes of interval sprints. Take the weekend off but do some stretching and easy cardio such as a swim or a mid-paced run.

  • Monday: Power circuit
  • Tuesday: Chest and back
  • Wednesday: Legs
  • Thursday: Shoulders and arms
  • Friday: Power circuit
  • Weekend: Active rest

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