“James Bond: Behind the Tuxedo”

Luis Abbou Planisi new book is out today!

James Bond: Behind the Tuxedo is the story, in more than 500 pages, of the British Spy, from Fleming’s desk in Jamaica to EON Production’s desk in London. This new project explains how James Bond was created by Ian Fleming and how —and with who and why— 007 has been on the big screen for more than 55 years and counting.
Everything and everybody has a chapter is this book: biographies, Bond Girls, post Fleming books, gadgets, directors, cars, songs, websites, events, objects… but if there is a remarkable thing in this book, this are the interviews with Dame Judi Dench, Bond Girls, film directors and producers, actors, villains, writers, Jack Whittingham’s daugther, Sylvam, and Harry Saltzman’s son, Steven, crew, fans, musicians, doctors and many more people, for your eyes only!

James Bond: Behind the Tuxedo will be also available in audiobook and ebook edition. The audiobook is wonderfully narrated by Mr Morrison Ellis, a British Audiobook Producer and the Narrator from Royal Tunbridge Wells in England.  2B69EF0B-962A-4597-A72A-C9D41A5630EB

The book can be bought in Amazon at www.amazon.co.uk/James-Bond-Luis-Abbou-Planisi/dp/1548589330/

Signed copies can be also purchased paying via PayPal at paypal.me/luisabbouplanisi  (£19’00 including shipment to the UK; 20’90€ including shipment to any country in Europe; $24’00 including shipment to USA or other countries). Be sure that you include your full postal address and the name to which the book must be dedicated. 

Please, if you have any doubt or question, do not hesitage and get in touch using the form below or emailing at theworldofjamesbond@gmail.com



Luis’ new book include interviews with Spanish actors Fernando Guillén Cuervo (Quantum of Solace), Manolo Caro and Simón Andreu (both in Die Another Day) and Carlos Leal (Casino Royale) that had a part in a Bond film; Oscar and BAFTA awarded actor Dame Judi Dench (Skyfall, GoldenEye, Shakespeare in Love, Philomena, Murder on the Orient Express, and more recently the superb Victoria & Abdul); Bond Girls Bérénice Marlohe (Skyfall), Martine Beswick (From Russia with Love and Thunderball), Sylvana Henriques: the first black Girl on a Bond film (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service), Caroline Munro (The Spy Who Loved Me and 1967’s Casino Royale), Valerie Leon (Never Say Never Again, The Spy Who Loved Me and several very successful  Carry On… films), Maddie Smith (Live and Let Die, The Persuaders and stage work), re-voicer Nikki van der Zyl; stunt department coordinator Gary Powell, Léa Seydoux stunt Gemita Samarra (Spectre), Daniel Craig stunt Bobby Holland (Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, Spectre); BAFTA awarded costume designer Jany Tamime (Skyfall, Spectre, Harry Potter) and makeup artist Naomi Donne (Skyfall, Spectre, Quantum of Solace, The Living Daylights, Philomena), taylor David Mason from Masons & Sons, production manager Terry Bamber (Skyfall, Quantum of Solace, Casino Royale, Die Another Day, The World is not Enough, Loving Vincent), director and editor John Glen (Moonraker, The Spy Who Loved Me, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Licence to Kill, The Living Daylights, A View to Kill, Octopussy, For Your Eyes Only, The Italian Job), marketing department member and supervisor Hy Smith (fourteen Bond films), Octopussy’s special crew member Del Singh, Skyfall and Spectre actor Sid Man, film producer and director Nick Hague (The Spy Who Loved Me documentary and innumerable productions during the 70’s and still active), Sir Roger Moore’s agent and founder of BondStars.com Gareth Owen, Harry Saltzman son, Seven, Jack Whittingham Thunderball scriptwriter daughter Sylvan Mason, The Battle for Bond (book about the Court Case McClory—Whittingham vs. EON Productions) author’s Robert Sellers and editor Bruce Sachs; Ian Fleming’s friend and neighbour Jeremy Vaughan; founder of the Bond tribute band “Q The Music Show” Warren Ringham, founder of Brit Movie Tours Lewis Swann; words from Chris Wright as a 007 fan, host, alongside Tom Sears, and founder of James Bond Radio; doctor Graham Johnson, who developed the study about the alcoholic habits of James Bond; Mexican scientist Ivonne Sánchez del Pino, from The Yucatan Centre for Scientific Research, Jamesbondia specimens investigator.



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  1. Behind The Tuxedo is fascinating! Brilliant young author…..Sylvan is extraordinary and fascinating! Waiting for her book!


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